How We Can Help

Organised Organised Organised

Here are some of the many ways in which ‘Letz Get Organised’ can help you.............

Empty Nesters

Looking to down size?  Have years of belongings built up in the family home?  Don’t know where to start?  Struggling to know what to keep, what to store and what to recycle?
We can help you make those decisions and organise your belongings in a manageable and long- term way.

Moving House

Moving house is always a daunting task but we can help make the process smooth and more rewarding.  We will leave you feeling clutter free and better in control in your new home.
We can assist at the packing stage to ensure only what is needed goes into your new home, nothing goes that shouldn’t and assist you with unpacking and placement so that your new house is perfectly arranged right from day one.
Storage design is crucial for the efficient workings of any home and we can ensure this is organised efficiently from the beginning.

Have a home office and no assistant?

We can create a home office environment that is a joy to work in. We can arrange old documents into appropriate filing systems that are easy to maintain and manage.
Going forward we can help with your office administration and bookkeeping tasks using MYOB.

Selling your Property?

We can help you present the property for sale for maximum return.  De-clutter, store away, beautify in simple ways.

Are you a Collector?

If you are a collector, we can assist in cataloguing and storing your precious possessions for future preservation and to make items easier to find.
If you require, we will create inventories for insurance purposes, whether it be wine, stamps, antiques or even a wardrobe of beloved vintage clothing.

Deceased Estates

Do you have a deceased estate to either look after, sort out or dispose of?  This can be a daunting and emotional task. We can help you through this trying process. See your loved ones belongings treated with care and respect and ensure you retain only those possessions that are meaningful or valuable.

Are you a hoarder?

We love hoarders!
We NEVER promote the idea of 'throwing out' unless that is what you are after. If you wish to keep a warehouse full of precious 'belongings' we can help you organise it so it will be easily accessible and catalogued and not feel like a burden; the 'I must do that one day' monkey on your back will be gone forever!