From chaos to calm

The Post - July 10, 2010

Subiaco woman Helen Wyatt has an unusual occupation; she is a professional organiser who can bring order to anything, from a shoe cupboard to people’s entire lives.

Her biggest job took her a year to complete. That was for a Florida family, living in Palm Beach. The mother initially contacted Helen to help organise her house. Once that was finished Helen moved on to the woman’s business, a gymnasium, before tackling her husband’s surgery and then the family’s storage units.

“People get to the point where they don’t know where to start – the task is just too insurmountable, ”Ms Wyatt said.

“In a sense I declutter and put some structure in place so it’s easier to control.

“I leave them with the peace-of-mind to organise themselves and to enjoy their belongings.”

Ms Wyatt said she loved her job and she brings to it great people skills, incredible flexibility and an enormous sense of fun.

Sometimes her job description is blurred and what starts as organiser becomes more a personal assistant role.

One of her most unusual jobs was to accompany a family on its regular flights from France to the United Kingdom in their private jet. The dog wasn’t allowed to disembark because of quarantine regulations, so Helen stayed on board and played fetch while they went shopping or attending meetings.

Helen can organise and declutter anything – garages, shoe cupboards, offices, filing cabinets, wine cellars and lives.

And it’s clear from the state some of her clientele find themselves in, that organisation does not come naturally to everyone; some positively struggle with it.  

Helen attributes her impeccable organisational ability to years yachting in the Mediterranean, with 12 crew and 12 guests to maintain.

“Yachting epitomised what I wanted to do –space on board was very limited, everything had a place, inventories had to be updated constantly and we were constantly on the move.”

Though land-locked for now, she remains dedicated to ensuring things are shipshape in homes and businesses in Perth’s western suburbs.