Our Projects

Photography: Need an amazing photographer, especially for you and your beloved pets, let me put you in touch with Anna!  Not only will your pets fall in love with her, I am sure you will too.  She has such a passion to capture the moment that I know you wont be disappointed.  Discover your pets in a new light and take home photos that you will love forever and want to have framed on the mantlepiece, while not costing you the earth.

Carer for the elderly: A new calling I have found myself loving is assisting and caring for the elderly of our community.  Taking them to doctors appointments, baking them cakes for their afternoon tea parties, dropping them off to social outings, shopping for them when needed.  I love caring for people in need and this has become another of my passions.

Catering: Need an event catered for?  Call LGO, as I now have my sister home from the other side of the world and she is an amazing chef!  She has been catering to the rich and famous for over 20 years now and is back in Perth and hopefully looking to stay.  She has impeccable standards, brilliant ideas and quality is first class.  She will come to your home, create a wonderful and extraordinary meal, clean up and then leave your kitchen spotless.  What more could one ask for?

How about some cooking lessons in the privacy of your own home?  Libby believes in good quality ingredients, healthy choices and creative options while creating top quality cuisine that you will WOW your friends with.  But beware, for nothing comes from a packet that you could create and cook yourself from scratch.  Healthy living and eating can become a way of life ensuring you wont ever want to eat junk food again.  Learn some short cuts and discover flavours you only thought were possible in 5 star restaurants.  Believe me, the French know how to cook and Libby has learned from some of the best kitchens the south of France has to offer.  Give her a try and I guarantee you wont be disappointed.

Dog Obedience: Let me help you to discover how rewarding a trained dog is!  I trained my own furry pooches and I am sure I can help you to train yours.

Maintenance: You may require a cleaner once a week, an ironing lady on a regular basis and perhaps even the assistance of an accountant once a month.  What about an organiser to keep what is behind closed doors in an ordered and up-to-date fashion.  I am not frightened to go through your refrigerator checking use-by dates and ensuring only fresh produce is stored there.

What about the Tupperware drawer/cupboard/box?  I can ensure each container has a lid, is stored utilising the smallest possible space and is easily accessed on a daily basis.

Lego!  Too frightened to go there?  Well I am not.........fun ways to store ensuring it does not end up all over the house and is still user friendly.

Archiving tax records and setting up new files for the next financial year will ensure you dont waste money paying your accountant to complete this task.  Believe me, I can save you money here - its all about upkeep.

Hoarding: This is far more commonplace than one might imagine and Letz Get Organised is now working with a couple of different organisations and support groups assisting clients with hoarding.  It can be quite an emotional and personal journey sifting through ones beloved possessions.  I find this work incredibly rewarding as I see the years of clutter sorted, labelled, donated (when not needed anymore) and organised so that my clients can better find their way through their personal belongings and collections.  Working so closely with someone who is struggling to complete the task alone, it gives me immense pleasure to see the weight lifted from their shoulders and some relief at last.

Thanks once again Alex, for all the referrals and positive feedback that you pass my way.  So happy I could help!

Inventory: Wine cellar labelling and cataloguing. Over 1,000 bottles including some rare and collectable. An online option was utilised for this task, which transformed the inventory into a 'work of art'.  Accessing the following website and purchasing the download made it too easy - http://www.uncork.biz/sommelier.htm. Can not recommend them highly enough and post purchase personal and online assistance has been a Godsend!  Thanks Brian!

Upkeep: Occasionally my services are required with an ongoing need to keep on top of it all and this is something I am happy to provide.  Visiting a number of clients on a regular weekly or monthly basis allows peace of mind for those that feel they wont be able to cope alone, whilst also encouraging a level of maintenance on a more practical scale.

Office Transformation: Finished the home and now have moved into medical specialists clinic for overhaul

Extensive Inventory: Assisting with the arduous task of cataloguing years of collectables so that when the time eventually comes to move from the large family home, family members will have a guide to what goes where

Wine Cellar Installation: Installed a wine cellar for a client, as a birthday present from his wife, so at last all those bottles of wine stored in every corner of the home, now have an organised space for easy reference

Home Relocation: Moving back home after 20 years overseas required some help to get all those boxes unpacked, items placed and house up and running for a busy professional animal practitioner

Storage Facility Overhaul: Cleared out and repacked a storage room giving my client more space than she ever realised was possible, which meant all the excess boxes from her apartment finally could be moved

Tax Time Preparation: Installed and set up MYOB for a busy mining client who runs his business from home, with the additonal task of entering all necessary data for the last financial tax year

Fit-out: Darwin executive apartment - assisted with locating the best property for my client, furnished throughout and finally sourcing the best management company for an ongoing basis, once apartment was rented

Secretarial: Extensive geological reports and word processing

Property Management: Subiaco rental property for mining executive

Downsizing: Helping empty-nesters downsize from large family home to retirement residence

Office relocation: Moved a long established professional to a smaller, new office space

Total home transformation: Internally transformed the contents of a family home including the medical specialists home office.

Busy mum: De-cluttering and organising a busy family home

Executive Apartment, Darwin:
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Home Office, Perth:

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After Photo 1After - Home Office